A new portfolio for the stop start on off nature of 2020. Simon Sherlock is a Graphic Designer, Artist, Writer and Art Director of more than ten years experience with both an MA and a First Class BA Honours.

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Head designer for luxury online retailer oki-ni. A job title that included everything from a full website rebuild, app and online presence, through to print engagement such as adverts and packaging – as well as the fully individual design and successful launch of their own magazine entitled Volume.
A showcase booklet of type and typography designed in the years between 2007 and 2017. Its ever-changing identity is created from individual type from said fonts and the overlaying 'X' is representative of the decade in which its contents were developed.
Beginning with full art direction and site build, this project soon developed into stationery, layout and print. The alternating ‘framed’ design as a whole, was based on the notion of the artisan glasses and their particularly innovative use of vision, material and plastics.
Head Design and art direction for Finery womenswear, working on everything from site design to updated stationery, print promotion and advertising. This included extensive brand collaborations, conceptions and show launches such as Isamaya Ffrench and Pineapple Studios.
A collective a6 book of colour photography, Thirty is a stripped back design with minimal type and a strong border to emphasise content. Along with the book, postcards, posters and a website were also completed.
Freelance for world renowned high end menswear label Ermenegildo Zegna. The position included everything from art direction to work on various site elements, layouts, social aspects, promotion and advertising – as well as design for upcoming campaigns and shows.
An archival collection of various identities and projects designed and / or worked on in the last 13 years. It is delivered as a simple booklet that unfolds to a1 poster size. Its design and title serve as a basic reference to the type and typography at play within the content itself.
Full rebrand for an ice and roller hockey team established 15 years ago and based in the Midlands. Collectively, the redesign followed a theme of simplification with only elegant and striking features, in reference to their name. In honour of its founding member Jamie Payne, the final kit bears his name on the heart.
Freelance for Culture Trip, the travel / entertainment based magazine and app startup. Designing everything from internal and brand based projects through to collaborations with clients such as Stella, Singapore Airlines and even Cannes Lions.
Full branding for an experience themed lodging style website for round the world enjoyment. The project included initial art direction and user experience for the website, as well as print promotion and campaign. The identity is both a text and visual reference to the company and its exciting implications.
Beginning as a hand-drawn typeface and individual theoretical study of typography – Sex, Coffee and Conversation is an a5 book which considers art, text and context. As per its original form, the design is delivered in a custom typeface, only with a strong foil appropriate theme.
Freelance for Courier magazine, working on everything from layout design and content through to a general overhaul of its masthead and consequential type and typography throughout.
An a5 book of ninety short texts bound in a torn and texturised GF Smith stock and displayed in a die cut and ‘cracked’ perspex case, all relative of its time based content. The book comes complete with a similarly themed poster and mock-up interactive text based app.
A collection of light hearted sayings seen written up around the world, re-illustrated and displayed in an a6 book. The design plays with both natural and formal execution as to promote its contents further. The project includes everything from postcards and t-shirts to clothing and posters.
Full branding for an exhibition considering matter and the space in-between such. The identity was based on an idea of malleable form that would embrace movement and reconfigure to fit surrounding, whereas the invite focussed solely on something that was both there and not there. This project included everything from film and editing to print, promotion and stationery.
Branding for HBY Clapham, with a theme of heat signified by colour scheme and one of exercise subtly implied by the custom typography. A project that included full site build, print promotion, stationery as well as merchandise such as clothing and water bottles.
Previously completed as a two week brief and revisited more recently; Reform is an initiative for a type development program that rebuilds and reconstructs characters on every keystroke. Thus one character would never be the same as another. ‘Be Refomed’ is a further development of this project with fresh promotional additions and a new mobile interaction.
Full art direction and branding for a recruitment agency in America specialising in Cyber Security. With geometry as its inspiration the identity makes use of the hexagon (a symbol of strength) to form its construction, as well as a circle to complete its logo. Design included everything from the site build and social marketing to stationery, clothing and more.
A wide selection of printed matter for clients such as a political magazine, an exhibition and material for a prospective Epilepsy campaign. Concurrent with a number of various personally written / designed ventures.
A select archive of designs for clients including Coach, Hunter, Wedgwood, Waterford, Henry Holland, John Lewis and One Tower Bridge (amongst others).